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Can A Jurist With An Alcohol Related Death In Their Family Be Unbiased In An Alcohol Related Death Case?

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Kevin Dean Huber was born in Newcastle, Wyoming, in 1966. He graduated from the University of Wyoming with a B.S. in political economics in 1988 and a law degree in 1992. more Huber @ bottom of page

Huber currently has a office at 120 North Center Street, Casper, Wyoming, 82602 where he holds the title of Vice President for the First American Title insurance Company. Directly across the street from the Natrona District Court House. Huber's office is a mere 300 feet from Mike Blonigens office 200 North David Street, Suite 300, Casper, Wyoming, 82602, the Prosecutor for Natrona county, on a clear day they could wave to each other.

Huber resides at (omitted) St. Casper WY, less than 1/4 mile from Mike Blonigen at (omitted) Drive, Casper WY.

You may ask yourself, "so there was a respectable lawyer on the Knospler jury so what"? Lawyers have civic duties too, and you would be right to think this.

However, in this case, is there misconduct on both Blonigen's part and Huber's part? By inference Blonigen knew of Huber, and vise versa, prior to vetting Huber as a member of the jury (Vior Dire). Had there been any doubt in Blonigen's mind as to the suitability of Huber as being favorable to the proscecution, Huber would have been stricken, as Blonigen surely knew the value of a lawyer's influence on lay jury members. The defense never heard of Huber.

Huber has practiced law for over twenty years in the town of Casper.

Blonigen has been the prosecutor in Casper since 2003 and Assistant DA for 20 years prior.

Blonigen lives less than a 1/4 mile from Huber in the same development.

Huber practiced law as a partner with Williams, Porter, Day & Neville, PC in Casper.

Currently, Blonigen's and Huber's offices are in sight of each other.

With a population of 81 thousand in Natrona County Wyoming, and 60 thousand in the city of Casper alone, a local Attorney is seated on a Jury, in a case in which the Prosecutor's only evidence is exculpatory, and corroborates self defense!

Is this just a coincidence? If they met on a remote island maybe...

But here is the fly in the ointment, and points in the direction of a predetermined agenda, the appearance of impropriety and misconduct.

In 2003, Huber's younger sister Anndee Mikole Huber was killed by a drunk in Newcastle Wyoming, Anndee was 16.

Anndee was riding in the cab of a Fire Truck going to a grass fire with a drunk driver Fireman. The Fireman, Ron J. Caillier, 46, of Newcastle was driving and lost control of the Fire Truck. The truck rolled over 1 3/4 times ejecting Anndee Huber and crushing her to death. "She was aspiring to be a lawyer", her brother Kevin Huber of Casper, Wyoming said.

Caillier pleaded guilty in July 2003 to aggravated vehicular homicide in the May 22, 2003 crash that killed Anndee Huber. District Judge Dan R. Price II sentenced Caillier to 14 to 18 years in prison, he also ordered Caillier to pay $9,987 in restitution.

Would it be un-reasonable to expect that,

(1) Huber and Blonigen, being in the same profession and practicing law for many years in Casper, knew each other or of each other, if not personally then professionally? Huber, practiced law with Williams, Porter, Day & Neville, PC in Casper until 2007, 4 years after Blonegan became the Districe Attorney for Natrona county, in Casper and for even more years that Blonigen was Assistant DA.

(2) Blonigen would have had knowledge of Huber sister's death, just by being the District Attorney in Casper during the 2003 investigation by Weston County DA doing a background check on the defendant Ron Caillier, the News paper articles on the Huber tragedy, that Huber was a local lawyer in Casper, and that there was a National turnout of Fire Departments across the country that sent represenatives to Wyoming to honor and memorialize Anndee Huber?

Just Asking!

During the jury selection process, Huber admitted to working with Blonigens wife at the Williams, Porter, Day & Neville, PC in Casper. It must be acceptable in Casper to be an attorney, know the prosecutors wife, and get seated on a Jury where the prosecutor is trying a murder case. Obviously the defense thought so since Huber was never questioned again about his dealings with Blonigen or his wife.

Following: the exact jury selection testimony is in Red

Blonigen Voir Dire:

Q.Mr. Huber, just to back up to you a little bit so I don't lose track here. You know that you're a lawyer in jury selection, so you're going to get questioned.


Q. The questions I've asked so far, did you have any responses to those in particular?



Q.Did any of you form at least a preliminary opinion about this case based on that media coverage? Okay. I'm seeing a few hands But let me ask the follow-up question. Did anybody make a firm, absolutely, this is what this case is all about from that media coverage? I'm not seeing -- yes, sir, Mr. Huber, you did?

A. (PROSPECTIVE JUROR HUBER) Well, I believe, from what I read in the paper just yesterday, I mean, I knew this would be a case of self-defense.


Q. Anybody else? Do any of you know Mr. Newcomb or Mr. Low who are representing the defendant in this case? Do any of you know Mr. Itzen? And for the record, I should probably ask if any of you know me. Mr. Huber?

A. (PROSPECTIVE JUROR CORBETT) Your name's in the paper a lot.

Q. Unfortunately, yes. Mr. Huber, of course we're both attorneys.

A. (PROSPECTIVE JUROR HUBER) Right. I mean, obviously I've not done criminal defense, and so we've never been opposed to each other. But your wife was also secretary over at the firm when I was there, so that's our connection.

Q Right. And anything about that affect the case?


What questions did Blonigen ask Huber during Voir Dire that would indicate to prosecution or the defense Huber's attitude towards the attributes tied to this murder case? It appears by Blonigen's neutral questioning that he already knew Huber's position and need not explore it any further, e.g Huber got a pass from the prosecution.

Was the question "has any one lost a family member or knew of someone who lost a family member involving alcohol" asked either by the prosecution or the defense? Questions of this nature are commonly asked by Attorneys when selecting a jury to ensure there is no "bias" or misconduct on the sitting jury. Ask any family who has suffered a tragedy of this magnitude if they ever forget? Let me answer that,...No you never forget a tragedy!

Huber, by law, had no obligation to disclose the tragedy that befell his family. But can one be sure that his mindset, views and feelings, towards the abuse of alcohol, would be the same as a person, who did not suffer the loss of a sister at the hands of a drunk? This case had everything to do with Alcohol and its abuse both for the Defense and the Prosecution.

Did not Blonigen, by inference, expect that Huber could be relied upon to become the Forman of the jury, which he did, and convince the jury of Blonigen's (Inferred Malice) line of prosecution against Knospler, since there was no hard physical evidence to support the State's case?

Wyoming has endured and continues to endure considerable debate over what constitutes 2nd Degree Murder, see Wyoming Law Review Vol. 7 No. 1 - Article: The Crime That Wasn't There:Wyomings Elusive Second-Degree Murder Statute

Did Blonigen have any reason to believe that Huber would not make an association between the "drunk that killed his sister", and the "drunk that killed Baldwin"? Would Huber still have been on the jury? During jury vetting, there was no question raised regarding this issue, in hindsight, conspicuous by its absence?

Can it be reasonably inferred that Blonigen already knew the answer to that question, because if he did not know, he surely would have explored this issue?

What was Huber's state of mind while Blonigen kept referring to Baldwin, as the "happy drunk", being reminded numerous times during the the trial, of the tragedy that befell his sister at the hands of another "happy drunk" driving a Fire Truck? Knospler was found to be drunk when he shot and killed Baldwin, who was also found to be drunk when breaking into Knospler's car while he slept. Why did Blonigen continue with the "happy drunk" narrative throughout the trial?

Is it not reasonable to conclude that,

(1) Huber knew Blonigen and he new about the case being a local lawyer?

(2) Huber knew of the verbal communication and innuendos that attorneys use in trial that the common layman would not understand?

(3) Huber was well aware of questions posed to prospective Jurors, and how to respond to them?

(4) Huber knew of people's weaknesses and how to exploit them?

(5) Huber knows how to take the English language and manipulate it to fit any agenda?

(6) Huber held contempt for drunks such as caused his sisters death in 2003, extinguishing any hopes of her following in his foot steps as an Attorney?

(7) Huber's agenda was to do what he could to keep drunks from bringing tragedy to innocent decent people in the future?

(8) Huber was quite aware of the Blonigen's "inferred malice" ploy/prosecution and fully understood it, being an Attorney?

(9) Huber would sympathize with the Baldwin family's loss, Huber's sister was killed by a drunk as Baldwin was killed by Knospler when he was drunk?

(10) Huber, then by compulsion and through intimidation, asserted himself to become the Jury Foreman, and during deliberations began to, convince, coerce and intimidate the jury into a guilty verdict of Second Degree Murder which the State, due to lack of evidence, could not "prove beyond a reasonable doubt"?

Just Asking!

All in spite Judge Sullens' last instruction to the Jury " even a drunk has a right to defend himself."

By that reminder, would it not seem that the Judge was not convinced that the State had made a case for Criminal Homocide beyond a reasonable doubt, but was rather suggesting Legal Self Defense?

Or was Judge Sullens aware of the Huber's attitudes and was giving the other Jurors a gentle warning about what they were about to face?

And would that not explain, that when the Jury returned with a guilty verdict, so many of the women Jurors were crying, rubbing their eye's and obviously upset over the outcome, knowing that they had made a decision based on Huber's explanation of what the law requires regarding Malice in a case of second degree homocide, yet in their hearts they knew that the verdict was not supported by hard evidence? Is this Justice being served in Wyoming? Was Knospler's Constitutional Right, e.g the 6th Amendment.... to an impartial jury violated as a result of this deed?

That an opinion or claim, formed from a noumenon, an unknowable inferred intangible concept, such as the frame of mind of a person who is intoxicated and sleeping, epistemologically trumps or outranks the factual, observable phenomenon in the real world, is an insult to the idea that man is a Rational being, capable of Reasoning by the use of Logic.

"Who are you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?" - Groucho Marx

Disclaimer: This document shall not to be construed as to besmirch or defame the reputation of Mr. Huber, as he has obviously built a solid reputation as a professsional with a civic conciousness and with moral values consistent with our Nation's founding, as has another good man, named John Knospler Jr., who has served and sacrificed for those same Values, and whose life now hangs in the balance. We intend to find the answers to the questions posed with out prejudice, or discrimination toward any one.
From Above:

Upon graduation from law school, Huber served as a judicial law clerk for Wyoming's Seventh Judicial District Court. Huber practiced law in Laramie, Wyoming as a partner with a firm and as a sole practitioner. He joined Williams, Porter, Day & Neville in 1998.

Huber has experience in criminal and civil litigation as well as real estate, creditor's rights and creditor bankruptcy, business formation, commercial law and oil and gas contracts. During his practice he has represented clients in state and federal district courts, administrative agencies, appellate courts and the Wyoming Supreme Court.

Huber is a member of the Wyoming State Bar Association. He is admitted to practice before all Wyoming State Courts and the United States District Court for the District of Wyoming.

Huber has been actively involved in community and charitable organizations. He serves as counsel for the Casper Chapter of Habitat for Humanity and is a member of the Casper Mountain Lions Club.

Huber has or is holding the following positions since he began his practice in Casper since 1992 when admitted to the State Bar.

Vice President - Wyoming State Manager The First American Corporation 2007 - Present

Attorney/Partner- Williams , Porter , Day & Neville , PC 1998 - 2007

Attorney - Huber Law Offices, PC 1996 - 1998

Attorney - Judicial law clerk for Wyoming's Seventh Judicial District Court 1992 - 1996

Huber previously had a office at 159 North Wollcott Street, Suite 400, P.O. Box 10700, Casper, Wyoming, 82602 where he previously practiced, partnership disputes as a partner with Williams, Porter, Day & Neville, PC One block East of the Natrona District Court House.